We offer vast experience delivering for Personal Care and Cosmetics manufacturers and brand owners.

We provide our customers with development and formulation assistance from experienced R&D formulation chemists. Our principal manufacturers offer a range and experience working globally with top end global brand owners, such as Estee Lauder, Jonson & Jonson, Revlon, Avon, Dial/Henkel, Unilever and more. 

We represent a range of manufacturers offering a complete solution for all aspects of Personal Care and Cosmetics. We also offer our customers a vast range of Personal Care & Cosmetic formulations: focus on naturals, organic and naturally-derived  

    Raw materials we regularly     supply and stock in our local     Australian warehouses:

  • Surfactants (Sulphate, DEA, MEA free), Thickeners, Carbomers, Emulsifiers, Emollients, Esters, Humectants, Fatty Alcohols, Vitamins, Flavonoids, Amino Acids, Lanolin & Derivatives, Natural / UV Actives and COSMOS approved Ecocert certified materials

  • Cold Process materials and 'All-in-one' blends that can be used in a wide range of formulas

  • Essential Oils, Organic Oils, Natural Extracts and Butters including COSMOS Approved Ecocert. Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil and other local Australian produced oils and natural extracts

  • Wide range of Pigments, Colour Effects, Visual & Active Solutions for use in cosmetic end-products for nails, body, lips and eyes


  • Environmentally friendly preservation solutions for the Personal Care segment – broad spectrum, organic acids and natural preservatives; including formulation, analysis, challenge test, audit, optimised & customised solutions

  • High tech Actives, natural polymer stabilising encapsulation, visual beads and capsules

  • Fermentation range with advanced delivery systems to deliver bio-converted functional vitamin, flavonoids and polysaccharides

  • COSMOS Natural certified range of natural preservatives, multifunctionals, boosters and 

For any enquiries or questions regarding our products and prices, please email us.


R&D Lab Capabilities

Our carefully selected suppliers support our products with the formulation assistance, laboratory capabilities and technical advice to get your product from a marketing idea to the store shelf. 

Environmentally friendly

Cost saving and efficient: blends and cold process raw materials and formulations.

Local Warehouse

We store locally and deliver your materials safely and securely to our warehouses in every capital city in Australia.