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Natural and Organic Ingredients

What are the right ingredients for any Australian manufacturers who want to make a “natural” label claim? What is COSMOS Standard? How does it work with Ecocert? What is ISO 16128 Natural Standard?

Activonol-3 is GMO-free, a natural Propanediol and approved by COSMOS & ECOCERT

More benefits for formulators and their customers with this 100% natural highly efficacious material used in personal care.  

Activonol-3 is a 100% natural origin glycol and is derived from a bio-fermentation process. Activonol-3 is colourless and odourless. Activonol-3 can be used for skin care and personal care products as a cosmetic solvent, humectant and emollient instead of synthetic and petroleum product. Its light skin feeling and easy spreadable character are very attractive to the formulator with good anti-microbial effect and no skin irritation.

Studies for this material have shown better skin moisturisation during initial application, along with a synergistic effect when potentially formulated with glycerin that improves and extends skin moisturisation.

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